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Natural Health and Weight Control the Scientific Way

Wellness programmes

Our lifestyle choices affect our health, quality of life, and untimely lifespan. In an age where fast foods, instant solutions, and extreme pressure are at the order of the day, people suffer from several diseases that can be prevented and controlled through wellness programmes. Recognizing the need to regain control over our lifestyle choices, eating plans, exercise, and how we take care of ourselves balancing the mind, body and soul ( spiritual). The Scioscan4u test also provides a range of wellness programmes to help people in becoming healthy and maintaining their dream weight.  

Many of the diseases which… Continue reading

Adjust Your Diet

Input equals output. What you put into your body, mind, and spirit, is what you’ll get out of it. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to improve your productivity is determine which foods improve your mental clarity and physical energy. Everybody is unique, and while there are lots of people who advocate the “best diet,” my advice is to find the best diet for you personally.  

And the only approved way to find a 100% personalised diet is to know your Blood Group and do a Scio “Biofeedback” food stress test – to find out… Continue reading

Sweet Poison

Do you know what our most common addiction is in today’s society? Well you may be surprised to learn that it is sugar. That’s right, those pretty white crystals sitting on most people’s kitchen table. The average South African consumes 30 teaspoons of sugar a day. Not only is it addictive, but this very common everyday product that is falsely believed to be harmless is responsible for many health problems we find in our society. Too much sugar leads to an intestinal imbalance of friendly bacteria. This leads to Candida.  

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Scio, Welcoming the Next Generation

Within each of us resides an innate wisdom that is beyond our conscious minds. The super-conscious mind integrates and responds to what we experience to maintain our optimal wellness.  

Many mystics believe the dwelling place for this innate intelligence is within the third eye (in yogic philosophies called Ajna), which has strong associations in ancient writings with the colour indigo / Scio!

Modern science identifies to the locus of this intelligence to be correlated with the master pituitary Gland, hypothalamus and pineal glands – which sit just behind the mystical third eye centre.

The Indigo / Scio Biofeedback… Continue reading

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Group and Individual Support

Chris de Beer also supports businesses and sports groups with their wellness and eating pattern programs. Examples include the Fraser Alexander franchise in Cape Town, whose MD lost a healthy 14 kg, and sends all his employees whose work performance may be suffering because of wrong eating habits to Quantum-Logic in Pretoria; and the Golden Lions Franchise that Chris supported in establishing eating programmes for their players. Also individual sports persons like Springbok rugby player C J van der Linde, who lost excess weight after going on a personalised Quantum Logic eating and supplementation plan, and declared that he now feels confident about playing a full game at maximum performance, irrespective of the tempo; and Zander Lombard the youngest SA player ranked the highest ever on the World Amateur Golf list. Many top members of Cage Fighters SA, including the All Africa champion make use of Chris’ services; as do Blue Bulls Amateur Rugby players, including their captain, Tinus van Wyk.

Away Consultations

Chris de Beer also does consultations and Dark Field Microscopic Blood Analysis in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban every second month, 2 days per city.
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