Adjust Your Diet

Input equals output. What you put into your body, mind, and spirit, is what you’ll get out of it. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to improve your productivity is determine which foods improve your mental clarity and physical energy. Everybody is unique, and while there are lots of people who advocate the “best diet,” my advice is to find the best diet for you personally.  

And the only approved way to find a 100% personalised diet is to know your Blood Group and do a Scio “Biofeedback” food stress test – to find out first what food reacts positively and which ones react negatively to you personally!

Every human being on earth is unique and like all other living creatures on earth we as well are unique if it comes to eating the right food for maximum positive energy!

Yes, by listening to most Dieticians and specialists in the diet industry in RSA you will hear the same stories and get the same information.

In my case, dropping most drinks with added sugar and caffeine has been incredibly helpful. I drink mostly water, whole milk or Soya (ideally raw), green tea, and smoothies. At one point in time I drank soda, coffee, and non-fat milk as my primary fluids. At first I tried just drinking more water and less of those other things, then over time I noticed quite simply my body and mind responded best to certain drinks. I’ve also noticed that my body feels most energized on a diet high in protein, fat, and certain fiber and low in added sugars.

As I found more and more “super foods” it became easier to attune my diet to my body. I used to eat almost exclusively meat, potatoes, white grains, fruit juice and green vegetables. These transitions didn’t happen overnight. It has been years of adjusting and refining. Again, the changes were gradual in my diet. I tried new foods and noticed what my body liked and disliked. Over time, I consumed more of the foods my body and mind responded well to, and naturally had less inclination to consume what made me feel tired, fog-headed, and slow.

Then I landed up in Germany as an athlete (Springbok: SA + all Africa record holder) and trained with the best Sports Doctors, Dieticians and technique trainers in the world! First thing they did was to test my blood group to work out my diet, put me on a Quantum Device now called Scio “Biofeedback” device and luckily they said I was not far off because I was eating more or less the correct food according to my Blood group (O+) and Scio “Biofeedback” Food stress tests they did on me.

And that was my first step in 1986 when I started my learning curve and research on Blood Group diets and went to the University of the Ruhr in Germany to learn all about it. And since then I have never looked back on my own and all the hundreds of people + sportsman I helped with their diet and pre – and post preparations for competitions!

I cannot count the amount of people who have told me they improved their lives by applying the information it contains and changing their lifestyles. Drops in their cholesterol and blood pressure readings and even others are saving hundreds of rand on monthly medication costs because they have been able to reduce and/or completely eliminate taking medication. Delighted with the improvement in the way they are feeling. No digestive disorders and associated discomfort – all because they started eating for their Blood Type and according to the Scio “Biofeedback” food stress report.

You will be amazed by doing a test according to your blood group on “super foods” like I called it and see how your body responds.

No matter what your diet, come do the test and make the changes to see what your body likes best. You’ll also notice that your body prefers certain kinds of foods at certain times of day. Once you find things that work, make gradual changes then to integrate them into your life more frequently.

Find out more about the Scio “Biofeedback” test and different Blood Group diets and the meaning of it.