South Africa Is In The Top World List
– Of Obese, Unhealthy Populations By And Large, And Underperforming Athletes At International Level

It is virtually impossible to switch on TV or radio; read a newspaper /“Family” magazine without being confronted with various “wonder diets” that will take you from obese to sexy in no time – without much effort or inconvenience.

Every advertiser promises that their diet is the Ultimate Answer for everybody. Some are  nonsensical and “pie in the sky”” (pun intended); others are downright dangerous, can ruin your health – or even kill you. We have a society of Quick Fixes – instant gratification.

One will seldom see reference to a sustainable natural Eating Plan – changing your everyday eating habits – that will not only achieve your optimum weight safely and naturally, but will maintain that weight for the rest of your life – and enhance your overall health and emotional wellbeing like you never thought possible.

What is the secret?

The sad truth is that, by and large South Africa is 20 years behind countries like Germany and Switzerland  regarding natural weight control and optimum health based on our genetic uniqueness – as primarily manifested by the  different Blood Groups and other genetic characteristics. What is a Super Food for one group can be Poison to another.

What you put into your body and mind is what you will get out. The best way to improve your overall wellbeing, energy levels and productivity is to determine which foods are right for YOU (as an individual, within the guidelines provided for your genetic makeup) and which foods you should avoid.  Yet some “specialists” in the SA nutrition/dieting/health industry, paints a different picture – creating a culture of “One Size Fits All” about what you should put into your body.

Is there any natural health practitioner or practice in South Africa who REALLY knows the secrets of genetically based exercise and eating plans? And has proven that it works – also in his or her own life?

Welcome to Dr. Chris de Beer’s Quantum-Logic Natural Health Practice.

Chris de Beer on the front cover of SA Athlete during his reign as SA record holder in javelin throwing

As a Springbok athlete and the South African Javelin record holder, Chris went to Germany in 1980 due to a ban on international sports participation by South African athletes. There he trained under supervision of some of the best Sport Doctors and Dieticians in the world.  As a priority they checked his blood group and connected him to a Quantum Device (now known as a Scio Biofeedback) to determine if he was eating the correct foods for his Blood type as shown by the results of food stress tests.

After almost having his sports career cut short at a very young age by arthritis and asthma because of wrong eating habits, Chris realised that he had found the ultimate answer. The changes to his diet were gradual.  He experimented, trying different foods and taking note of what his body “liked” and “disliked”.  Over time, he consumed more of the foods his body and mind positively responded to, and found that he had less inclination to consume foods that made him feel tired, fog-headed and slow.

In 1986 he enrolled at the University of the Ruhr to study nutrition, using the different blood types as point of departure. He has never looked back – neither about his own results nor those of the people and sportsmen he has helped with their personalised diets and eating plans; as well as preparations and follow-ups for sports   events.

After returning to South Africa he started his own successful health practice and range of natural medicines, remedies and sport supplements – helping literally thousands of people to achieve optimum health as well as their ideal weight. he has helped many sportsmen to significantly ( sometimes even spectacularly ) up their performance. Continuing with his academic studies, Chris was awarded with his MSc degree in Human Nutrition in 2014.

The culmination of his academic achievements came during 2016 when, after 20 years of research, he submitted a doctoral script proving and disproving many assumptions and myths about the response of the bodies and ordinary people as well as serious athletes with different body compositions to specific foods. For this study, Chris de Beer was awarded a PhD in Natural Medicine (one of only a few people in South Africa to achieve this).

How to get started?

Chris de Beer assessing a client’s live blood sample shown on the computer screen

Chris recommends a Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test  as the first sensible step towards a 100% personalised diet, long term eating plan – determining which foods cause positive  or negative reactions for you – and an exercise regime. During the Dark Field Blood Analysis you will see a live drop of your blood magnified by a microscope on a computer screen; watch the activities, condition, and number of red as well as white blood cells; see what your cholesterol situation is; and whether there are parasites lurking in your blood –  the carrier of all nutritional and other matter to every nook and cranny of your body.

“It is amazing how your body responds to ‘Super Foods’ after assessment according to your blood group and other genetic characteristics”, says Chris.  “Irrespective of your current diet, let us do the test and make the changes to give your body what it likes best.  Make gradual changes until they are integrated into your lifestyle.  Your ‘Super Foods’ will make a major positive difference to your life, and give you an immense new HEALTH FORCE.

“You are really unique and genetically different.  We find the correct diet and exercise regime for YOU – not only for sport but for general health; to successfully face daily challenges; to survive negative influences; and extend your life span in a quality, fit and healthy way.

“In many ways, South Africa is still far behind nations like Germany and Switzerland  regarding safeguarding our food. Their organically grown tomatoes, green vegetables etcetera are not pale and tasteless imitations of the real thing. Ailments are also commonly treated with therapies that South Africa calls ‘alternative’.”

What Quantum Logic Health Practice offers (our scope of practice)

  • Quantum Electro-Dermal Screening
  • Natural Genetic Weight Management Programs
  • Genetic Food Intolerance Testing
  • Natural Detoxification Eating Programs
  • Natural Desensitizing for Allergies and Sinusitis
  • Leaky Gut Repair Programmes
  • Lifestyle Assessment (blood tests)
  • Natural Hormone Replacement
  • Stress Management Treatments
  • Anti-Aging Programmes
  • Anti-Depression and Anxiety Programmes
  • Fibromyalgia Programmes
  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Ritalin Free Children’s Programmes
  • Mercury (metal toxicity) Screening and Detoxification Programmes
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Blood Tests (Lipid Insulin Resistance, PSA, TSH, CRP, Hb, Haemoglobin, Pylori etcetera
  • Quantum Electro-Magnetic Bio-rhythm Scanning of athletes
  • Genetic Profiling of Athletes (including genetically based nutrition plans)

Alternative Therapies

Quantum Logic also boasts a wide range of Natural Remedies, developed by Dr. Chris de Beer to address a wide spectrum of ailments and negative elements inhibiting your health

Find Us

The Quantum-Logic practice is situated in the East of Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa. We can easily be reached from most areas in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and North-West (see also street map on the Contact Us page).

Chris de Beer also does consultations and Dark Field Microscopic Blood Analysis in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Chris de Beer is now also consulting from Potchefstroom.

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