Natural Healing and Unbalanced Terrain

The term “terrain” was coined by French physiologist Claude Bernard to describe the body’s internal environment. The state of the terrain is determined by four factors: its acid/alkaline balance; its electric/magnetic charge; its level of poisoning; and its nutritional status (including oxygenation).

The condition of the terrain is central to the balance between health and disease. We can easily understand that unhealthy soil will yield unhealthy, disease ridden plants; while healthy soil will produce strong, healthy plants. The same concept applies to the terrain of the body: if it is balanced, it will promote health; if it is unbalanced, it will lead to disease.

An unbalanced terrain disrupts the normal functions of the body – the immune system is less active; enzymes, hormones and other chemical messengers do not function properly; the elimination of toxins is less effective; prostaglandins and other pro-inflammation chemicals accumulate; digestion becomes inadequate etc.

The body struggles to maintain balance through its many mechanisms, but eventually fails when the level of disruption reaches a tipping point, especially when there is a lack of proper nutrition. This is when a variety of symptoms may begin – such as headaches, recurring infections, skin problems etc, depending on your individual susceptibility, types of toxins, and deficiencies.

Most people then turn to chemical drugs to suppress the symptoms – like pain-killers, cortisone creams, antihistamines, antibiotics etc. These unnatural substances only fuel the fire by aggravating the levels of toxicity, acidity, and the degree of disruption of normal functions. They afford only temporary relief while worsening the underlying imbalances that led to the development of the symptoms in the first place.

A large part of any natural treatment protocol for any given disease is focused on correcting the imbalances of the terrain. If the terrain is healthy, the rest of the body will be healthy and resistant to disease and infection. We strive to understand why some people stay healthy when exposed to contagious diseases, instead of labouring to identify a causative organism for a given infection, and trying to kill it. Just like seeds will not germinate when thrown onto asphalt, bacteria will not take hold in an unfavourable environment. Our aim is therefore to improve the condition of the terrain, enabling all functions of the body to be optimal and harmonious; thus ensuring that the terrain is unsuitable for infection.

Dietary changes to correct an unbalanced terrain:

Correcting the terrain takes more than simply swallowing a pill. Eating according to your Blood Group’s dietary requirements, your lifestyle as well as mental/emotional factors such as stress play a very important role.

In many ways, South Africa is still far behind European nations like Germany and Switzerland, which are much more conscientious about safeguarding their food supply – their organically grown tomatoes, green vegetables, grapes etc are not pale and tasteless imitations of the real thing. In addition, ailments are commonly treated with therapies that we call “alternative”. ‘Alternative’ means to promote a comprehensive lifestyle based on your own unique genetic setup and dietary requirements – a different approach to the medical profession’s instant diagnoses, and prescribing of pharmaceutical products. A vast number of physicians in European countries regularly employ herbs and botanical remedies, water and mineral therapies, and many other gentle and effective remedies drawn from nature. 

Quantum-Logic’s mission is to help all people to understand that every person is really unique – emotionally, spiritually AND physically.  For optimum health and well-being we have to eat and live according to our genetic profile – especially our blood group. Blood group diets (eating patterns) are no fad, but really work. The proof of the pudding lies in the testimonies and success stories of the many patients and sports persons we have helped and are still helping to achieve their personal optimum performance. (testimonials available).

Don’t procrastinate; contact Quantum-Logic without delay – your new life could start today!

Final Observation

The need for preventing disease in South Africa is becoming paramount.  Chronic diseases like heart problems, cancer, diabetes, AIDS and obesity represent around 70 % of South Africa’s health care costs. Preventative care is inadequate; and more than 60% of our citizens are overweight – a major cause of death as well as conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, respiratory problems, depression, and gynecological complications (including infertility).  All these conditions (including cancer) are largely preventable or treatable via blood type diets based on testing people’s food stressors and allergies according to their blood genetic profile. Not only would it prevent unnecessary deaths but would save millions of rand, and enhance sports performances at international level!

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