Exercising according to your Blood Group

An effective Diet Program that improves your health, combined with the requirements according to your blood type to determine which foods you should eat however needs another element: The correct exercise programme for YOU according to your Blood Group.

For instance

  • The key to health for Type O’s must include vigorous exercise.  Exercising at the appropriate time is also imperative.  The best time for a type O to work out is first thing in the morning.  Type O’s who exercise in the evening will receive the cardiovascular benefits but not the same mental and emotional benefits.
  • Exercise is as important to the type A as it is to the type O, but the type A’s workout must be orientated towards soothing the body, not further exciting it.
  • Exercise is less important for the type B than for Type O, although more important than it is for Type A.

proper diet according to blood type, coupled with exercise enables your immune system to be at its strongest.

For these reasons, the Quantum-Logic programme includes an easy exercise program that takes little time – customised for every Blood Group.

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