Chris de Beer’ talks at new Hirsch’s Superstore 

ON Wednesday 26 November 2014 Chris de Beer was the invited guest speaker at the first networking breakfast of Hirsh’s Silver Lakes – the newest addition to the Hirsch’s Group of Superstores.

Business owners and marketers over a wide spectrum listened with undivided attention as they began to realise that their eating habits were in many cases handicapping their business performance, because they had never been introduced to eating according to their specific blood groups.

 Chris answered numerous questions, and received a warm applause from the 60 plus people attending the event – many of them decision makers in their organizations.

As always happens, appointments came in fast and furious over the period directly after the event. Chris has already reached almost cult status and, contrary to the trend in many business concerns his biggest challenge is to accommodate all the people who flock through the doors of his practise in their quest for a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle; and an end to the never-ending battle to get off the dieting see-saw and say goodbye to overweight and obesity for good.


Pharmacists now fighting these germs

Pharmacists are set to declare war on the abuse of antibiotics that lead to super-germs attacking people.
More than 1 000 pharmacists, members of the Independent Community Pharmacies Asso-ciation (ICPA) are going to spread the message that the use of antibiotics should be limited. Abuse has already led to the formation of antibiotic resistant as well as multi-remedy resistant bacteria, called super germs.

The World Health Organisation stated in a recent report that they are already found in every country of the world.

The ICPA said in a statement the resistance of bacteria causing antibiotics not to work for people who need it to fight infections holds grave danger for all age groups.

“Gram-negative bacteria, a new group of super germs are increasingly present in hospitals country wide.”
Marga Ley English transcript of an article in Beeld news- paper, 28.08.2014

Another important section of the Health Care Industry in South Africa seeing the light regarding the “cure-all” approach to antibiotics!

Chris de Beer consulting in other major cities

Chris visits Cape Town and Port Elizabeth during the year for Dark Blood Analyses and consultations. He is also consulting in Potchefstroom.

His next visits will be

  • Cape Town – Please contact the office
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